Is the coffee made with real Jack Daniel's® Tennessee Whiskey?

Yes!  The coffee is infused with 100% authentic Jack Daniel's® Tennessee Whiskey, straight from the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, TN.


Does Jack Daniel's® Coffee contain alcohol?

While Jack Daniel's® Coffee is made with authentic Jack Daniel's® Whiskey, it is a non-alcoholic product.


Is Jack Daniel's® Coffee Kosher?

Yes!  Jack Daniel's® Coffee is certified Kosher by OK Kosher.  For more info about OK Kosher Certification please visit


What is the best way to enjoy Jack Daniel's® Coffee?

 The recommended way to brew Jack Daniel's® Coffee is to use 1 tbsp. of coffee per 6 oz. of water in an automatic drip coffee maker or using a pour over; adjust for taste preference and brewing method.  For best results use filtered water.  Prepare how you would normally consume coffee - drink it black or with milk and sugar.  If you are of legal drinking age, add a splash of Jack Daniel's® Tennessee Whiskey for an extra kick in your cup.


When is a good time to drink Jack Daniel's® Coffee?

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, afternoon pick-me-up, dinner, dessert...literally any time.  Jack Daniel's® Coffee comes in both regular and decaffeinated and is meant to be enjoyed all day long.